5 Best Places You Need To Put On The “Travelling to Small Cities” List

philipe.us – Visiting big countries is easy to reach. You arrive in a town then get a taxi or get lost. Skyscrapers and busy people might bore you easily. At the same time, you want to enjoy people and buildings without being stuck in an annoying crowd. Well, so why don’t you try traveling to small cities? We got some good lists for you.

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

This Thai village has around 2,500 population. Its beauty is so underrated that you will not find this place as busy as others. For sure it is another enjoyment for people who love nature.

The village offers a stunning view with the light tan sand, emerald-colored cliffs. People love enjoying the speedboats and Bob’s Booze Cruise. Or, they will visit Monkey Beach where primates saunter up asking for food. It is very nice to visit the place.

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

What makes this small city interesting is its vermilion-roofed town with a green view around the S-shaped loop in the Vltava River Southern Bohemia. This place brings the Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic architectural styles. The buildings are outstanding too with the pale yellows, pinks, and greens. The 14,146 population doesn’t make this city to the crowd to visit.

Santa Maddalena, Italy

With only 334 population, this place is so empty, but of course, Santa Maddalena will fill your heart. The beautiful scenery is unbeatable; snow-capped mountains, a jagged and of course the rolling hills.

The South Tyrol, as the southern part of Austria gives historical vibe. For food, this area has different taste as it is a combination of oe German and Italy. It is a paradise in all seasons.

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St. Ives, Cornwall – United Kingdom

This place has 11,000 population and was a fishing village before becoming the capital of culture. Go to this place every September and you will find festivals there.

Besides, there are four beaches with golden sands with two different sides. One side has turquoise waters and another one the combination of Atlantic breakers. It is a very nice town with tons of culture, beauty, and cuisines.

Jajce Bosnia

None are better than the stari grad of Jajce. At the past, it was the medieval Bosnia capita so that’s why you still can see the hilltop castle and other historical buildings. Anyway, that is not its great asset. The best one is the 70 feet waterfall that flows around the Pliva and Vrbas rivers.

Well, that’s only a short list of the best small cities in the world. You have thousands od them on your traveling list.